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Neriah Guardian Of Time


  • Miniature type : Full Figure.
  • Miniature Scale : 75mm
  • Parts : 14.
  • Concept : Charles Agius of CASculpts – https://www.casculpts.art
  • Sculpted By: Charles Agius of CASculpts.
  • Cast by : CMA Creative Solutions.
  • ESTIMATED Shipping : 12th March.
  • Wave 1 : 150 units.
  • Customs Charges may apply dependant on shipping location. 
For Honour


  • Miniature type : Bust & Base
  • Miniature Scale : 1/11 130 mm Height
  • Parts : 4 – Comes with plinth
  • Concept : Charles Agius of CASculpts – https://www.casculpts.art
  • Sculpted By: Charles Agius of CASculpts
  • Cast by : CMA Creative Solutions
  • ESTIMATED Shipping : 19th April.
  • Wave 1 : 150 units
  • Customs Charges may apply dependant on shipping location.