RobotRocket Miniatures Online Cabinet Draw



So for awhile now I’ve been playing with idea of getting more of our customers work onto the website. An area where you can view all the creativity that flows into our miniatures not by us but by the very people who keep RobotRocket Miniatures alive …  You !


We launched this at the start of the month and we have had some great entries. We are proud to be able to show every piece in the virtual cabinet and can’t thank you all enough for sharing your talents with us. As a thank you we will enter you all into a draw to win a copy of the first piece we realise in 2019 ! What that piece is at the moment is a mystery , but trust me … it’s awesome ! If you haven’t been able to send anything is yet , don’t worry ! we will be running this up till Mid Night on New Years eve.


Below you can see some of the entries, fancy your chances ?


The winner will not be chosen based on skill but randomly chosen so everyone gets the chance to win !